Our Ethos

    1. Responsibly sourced ingredients.

      We have always been passionate about using organic certified ingredients wherever possible. All of our suppliers have organic certification with the Soil Association and we are currently in the process of obtaining certification for our this space!

      But what does this mean? Unlike organic food and drink businesses, beauty brands are not legally obliged to be certified – any brand can claim to be organic and may contain just 1% of organic ingredients. To gain Soil Association organic certification, however 95% of all physically processed ingredients within a product must be organic.

      As a result there is much greater transparency and all of our ingredients are fully traceable. All producers and suppliers within the chain must meet the strict environmental standards.

      Organic certification with the Soil Association is the gold standard for health and beauty products. We hope to share some exciting news with you soon.


        2. Palm oil free

          It is commonly accepted that the deforestation crisis in the Rainforest is primarily due to excessive animal farming and palm oil production. Yet what most people don’t know is that palm is one of the most cost effective crops, producing more oil per land area than any other equivalent vegetable crop oil. To get the same amount of alternative oils like soybean or coconut oil, you would need anything from 4 to 10 times more land, which would just shift the problem to other parts of the world. In fact the WWF does not encourage an outright ban on palm oil because of this.

          So we thought long and hard about whether to use palm oil in our products. We feel that more needs to be done to produce sustainable palm oil, with farmers requiring better education and assistance to make this possible. We therefore decided not to use palm oil in our products but wish to support and educate  young farmers for the future, donating a % of our profits annually to the Rainforest Alliance.


            3. Sustainable packaging.

              Our soaps are wrapped in biodegradable plant based wax paper and packaged in our custom made boxes made from FSC approved paper and printed using vegetable ink. We designed a box that would be compostable or could be upcycled by our customers. How do you upcyle yours?

              Your order shall be delivered to your door in eco cardboard boxes, filled with sustainable wood wool/kraft paper, wrapped in tissue paper and sealed using paper tape, so your entire packaging can go straight to the recycling.


                4. Vegan & Cruelty free

                  Every product is 100% vegan and cruelty free. Don’t let the name ‘Milk & Honey’ soap confuse you...this is our vegan interpretation of this classic combination. We only use plant based milk and use maple syrup instead of honey. In support of our busy little bees, 5% of sale profits from this bar shall be donated to the charity BeeCause.