• Are your soaps palm free?
    Yes our handcrafted organic soaps and our organic salt bars are palm oil free.

  • Do your soaps contain fragrance oils?
    No we only use organic certified essential oils. Fragrance oils are synthetically produced. Essential oils not only have a more subtle scent, but each of our blends are carefully created for their therapeutic benefits as well.
  • Can I wash my face with your soap?
    This really is a personal preference. The skin on our face is much thinner, and therefore more fragile and sensitive than the skin on the rest of our body. Many people do use soap to wash their face, but we at Grace & Blumë prefer to use products with a lower pH. Stay tuned for our facial cleansing oil launching early 2021!

  • Are your soaps vegan?
    Yes all of our soaps are suitable for vegans. All milks used are organic plant based.

  • Can I find your soaps for sale in stores?
    As we have just launched our brand you currently can only buy online. We hope to be in touch with several stockists over the next few months. If you know any local stores who would be interested in our products please get in touch.

  • What are salt bars?
    Our salt bars contain a combination of sea salt & pink Himalayan salt. These are harder bars than our 'original' handcrafted organic soaps, ideal for use in the shower, with a lotion-like lather. They are mildy exfoliating yet moisturising ... think of those summer holidays at the beach and how good your skin feels after! Our salt bars also contain organic aloe vera for a soothing creamy lather.