Do what you love, but do it well

“As the world began to realise that bar soaps are kinder to the planet, my vision was to create a product that would stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of it’s ethical and sustainable credentials, whilst also being a truly luxurious treat for the skin”

We're Proper Soap Makers

Using traditional, cold processed methods, we make soaps that we are happy to use ourselves, every day. We know what goes in them and how they perform over time. We test them on our family and friends. We only make soaps we believe in.

Where we are is part of who we are

Surrounded by an incredible landscape with sweeping views, we’re never short of inspiration. We want our products to reflect the beauty of where we live.

And when you live in a special place, it makes you think about how you should look after it. That means we try hard to be a responsible, ethical company. From the ingredients we select, to the packaging we design, we put a sustainable philosophy at the heart of all we do.